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Causes and treatment of flat warts

01 1 doctor said that there are many ways to treat flat warts, so that my nephew must receive formal treatment, so that he can restore his own health as soon as possible, and the formal scientific treatment will not cause any residual symptoms to the skin, and
02 2 The doctor also introduced several convenient and safe treatments without pain. Like my scorpion flat sputum is a little big, it can be treated by laser or freezing, and it is also treated with topical antiviral drugs. Some patients
03 3 In addition, the doctor also asked my little nephew not to picky eaters. The diet must be balanced. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins. You can also eat some freshwater fish. Some animal fats like big fat are still
04 Patients should pay attention to: do not have too much psychological burden to get flat warts, to ensure regular work and rest time, sleep must be sufficient, usually have a good mood, you can participate in some healthy cultural and sports activities.