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Suspected of being infected with syphilis

01 1 Many people are very scared of sexually transmitted diseases, which requires us to have better psychological quality and state response, and in the process can master a lot of scientific medical knowledge, do not generate much pressure, this is also to solve the problem
02 2 In fact, the public way of syphilis infection is very clear, so it is better to treat diseases faster than to prevent diseases. Therefore, this means that we need to be able to cleanse ourselves, to resist temptation, or to be able to drink.
03 3 Generally, it is a first-stage syphilis. The treatment method usually used in hospitals is penicillin therapy. Some friends may have symptoms of penicillin allergy. At this time, oral therapy with tetracycline hydrochloride is recommended. Half a month is a course of treatment, according to the condition.
04 For the symptoms of syphilis, the early performance is not very obvious, the later symptoms will produce complications, so in this process, the best way is to go to a professional medical institution to diagnose, do not bring a lot of follow-up because of their non-professional judgment