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How to deal with blisters in neurodermatitis

01 1 is mainly caused by the neck and limbs of the patient. If the woman is pregnant, it may be affected by the vulva. Therefore, after neurodermatitis, the patient should remember the inner depression, avoid impulsiveness, try to wear ventilated clothes, quit smoking and avoid alcohol.
02 2, avoid soap washing: especially alkaline soap, avoid blind medication: dermatitis, eczema long course, easy to repeat: when dermatitis causes skin itching, patients can apply moisturizer to the affected area, but
03 3 treatment of neurodermatitis is mainly antihistamine or sedative, can also be used for topical use of tar drugs, the effect is better. The incidence of neurodermatitis is closely related to the regulation of mental and neurological function, avoid eating spicy alcohol and fish gills
04 Patients with neurodermatitis are generally troubled by itchy skin, so patients must do a good job of cleaning the skin, and avoid spicy foods that tend to aggravate the condition. Patients should also pay attention to maintaining emotional stability.