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Summer vitiligo protection measures

01 1 Maintain an optimistic state of mind. High summer temperatures can easily lead to irritability. When you work, it is easy to cause a lot of sweating. Therefore, you should calm your mood, avoid fatigue, reduce sweating and stimulate the skin, and establish a good living routine.
02 2 In the summer, skin protection must be done, especially the location of vitiligo. The clothes are better cotton, sweat-absorbent, and need to wear relatively wide clothes and pants to avoid friction.
03 3 Summer is best to do indoor work, do not arrange summer travel, summer light time is long, the sun is strong, if the sun is exposed for a long time, it is more likely to induce recurrence and aggravation of vitiligo.
04 There are many precautions for vitiligo, but the emphasis is on persistence. This will give better protection.