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Is ichthyosis worse with age?

01 1 And if the ichthyosis is not treated in time, the condition will increase with the age, so that the patient's condition is aggravated. Therefore, early detection, early treatment, early treatment is still relatively important.
02 2 Therefore, it is more important to increase the understanding of the disease. Many people think that this ichthyosis is not painful, it can be done without treatment. In fact, this kind of understanding is very wrong.
03 3 Moreover, China's research on skin diseases is relatively thorough, and many skin diseases can be completely cured. For example, ichthyosis. For this ichthyosis, it can be treated by drugs, Chinese medicine treatment.
04 Of course, no matter what treatment is considered, the premise is that patients with ichthyosis are actively going to the hospital for treatment, so that the treatment plan can be decided according to the change of the condition. This is more conducive to good health.