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What are the prevalence of anal pruritus patients?

01 1 Most of the patients with anal pruritus are caused by sitting for a long time. So even though it is because of work, you have to sit up for a while and then get up and move to avoid sitting and inactivity for a long time.
02 2 If the patient is serious, it is recommended that the patient go to a regular hospital to find a specialist for symptomatic treatment. Do not use drugs. Because only the cause can be used to completely and effectively improve the condition. Because only the formal hospital is responsible for our own condition.
03 3 Patients can do it regularly and do some exercise, because only exercise can improve our body function and enhance immunity. We must maintain a reasonable life schedule to avoid staying up late for a long time. You can often go out and breathe fresh air, keep good.
04 Usually you can eat some fresh vegetables and fruits. A lot of vitamins can enhance our body absorption rate, and vitamins have the effect of enhancing skin elasticity and replenishing skin moisture. It has a very powerful hydrating effect on patients with dry stools. It can be improved.