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Women have the cause of alopecia areata and treatment

01 1 According to the Chinese medicine theory, the reason why women have alopecia areata is because of qi and blood deficiency, that is, the people who are talking about in our lives, lack of blood. The qi and blood deficiency will lead to poor function of the liver, kidney and lungs of the human body.
02 2 There are many treatments for alopecia areata. For example, if you need to be quicker and safer, you can go to some professional regular hospitals and let the doctors diagnose and diagnose them. Just follow the doctor's professional guidance.
03 3 Like a woman if it is acquired alopecia areata, it may be that life is irregular, sleep late at night, or often sleep until the middle of the night, causing excessive fatigue, and work reasons, work stress
04 The most important thing is to keep your mood happy and happy. Natural stress will be less and you will not be overly nervous. In normal times, you can do sports. Isn't there a saying that exercise makes people happy?