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How do you know that psoriasis vulgaris?

01 1 This type of psoriasis is mainly characterized by white scales, shiny film and punctiform hemorrhage. It occurs mostly in various parts of the body and is symmetric. The lesions in the scalp and extremities are often the most common.
02 2 In the early stage of the disease, it is mainly characterized by red papules. At this time, it should be distinguished from other skin diseases, such as skin diseases such as rash. Gradually expand into a patch with multiple layers of silvery white scales, and it is easy to remove.
03 3 The pathogenesis of psoriasis is long and often recurrent. When the condition is relieved, people tend to think that it is getting better, but it is not. There is also a law of aggravation or recurrence in winter and the reduction or disappearance of spring and summer.
04 After getting psoriasis, pay attention to the type of identification and achieve targeted treatment.