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How to prevent gonorrhea in daily life

01 1 Do not casually find a woman to pay. A prostitute is a person who has had sexual contact with many people. The prostitute is likely to have a gonorrhea virus, and it is easy to find a woman to pay. The gonorrhea is easily transmitted through sexual intercourse, resulting in gonorrhea.
02 2 Use condoms during sexual intercourse. The main route of transmission of gonorrhea is sexual transmission. Many men and women will have sex when they are not married. Therefore, in sexual intercourse, in order to prevent accidents, it is necessary to insist on condoms.
03 3 Do not live in a house with gonorrhea patients. Gonorrhea is highly contagious. In the same room, even if you don't have sex with gonorrhea patients, gonorrhea will spread through sheets, quilts, bath towels and other living items.
04 4 Take antibiotics before and after sexual intercourse. Taking antibiotics before and after sexual intercourse, such as amoxicillin, can reduce the infection during sexual intercourse, it can also prevent gonorrhea well.
05 Family members who are treated with gonorrhea patients, in order to prevent gonorrhea when taking care of gonorrhea patients, they should also go to the hospital for examination and treatment.