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How to prevent prostate seminal vesiculitis

01 1 A lot of physical exercise in daily life helps to help the male to strengthen the body's resistance and avoid being infected by respiratory infections when the season changes, because the upper respiratory tract infection will affect the male prostate.
02 2 Pay attention to the details of life, especially those suffering from dental caries or other inflammatory infections. It must be treated promptly. In addition, men do not drink alcohol, do not eat spicy food, and the alcohol hazard is very large. It can expand male blood vessels.
03 3 Pay attention to personal hygiene is a good way to prevent prostate seminal vesiculitis. In daily life, you should be self-sufficient, avoid any extramarital affairs, and have sex once or twice a week.
04 Men don't wear tight jeans. Keeping loose and breathable pants is the best choice for men. It is because the tight jeans have a bad influence on the male seminal vesicles.