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What is good for seminal vesicle?

01 1 patients with seminal vesiculitis, you can consider some tests to determine the specific circumstances of seminal vesiculitis, the examination can be through the method of seminal vesicle angiography, or through ultrasound examination, etc., are of diagnostic significance, but also through the routine examination of semen
02 2 patients should also rest in bed, and give laxative drugs, so that patients can keep the stool smooth, which is very helpful for the treatment of patients' diseases. It is also recommended that patients should eat more vegetables or fruits, but also for diseases.
03 3 The treatment of seminal vesiculitis, in addition to the above-mentioned care, but also to work and rest, in the near future is best to rest, in addition to diet can not eat too spicy food, can not eat some irritating food
04 These related methods of seminal vesiculitis can play a good therapeutic effect. It is recommended that patients with seminal vesiculitis should adhere to treatment, and should not be taken lightly, so as to cure the disease of seminal vesiculitis as soon as possible and restore health as soon as possible.