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What should I do if I have an ankle?

01 1 Firstly give the child a clotrimazole ointment during the day, and after rubbing the medicine, wrap it with gauze to ensure the effect; then use the foot to soak the feet at night, wipe the feet after wiping, then wipe the feet
02 2 Usually do not wear sneakers, sneakers and other non-breathable shoes for children, so as not to cause excessive sweating and foot odor, which leads to serious ankle.
03 3 Pay attention to cleaning every day, keep the skin of the feet dry, keep the feet clean, wash the feet with warm water several times a day, and change the socks frequently. The socks must not be worn twice a day.
04 4 Do not eat foods that are easy to cause sweating, such as peppers, raw onions, raw garlic, etc. Because these foods are all hot foods, people will generally sweat more easily after eating, which will cause athlete's foot.
05 Avoid spicy spicy food, quit smoking and alcohol, avoid rubbing the affected part with your hand.