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Can seminal vesiculitis massage relieve?

01 1 Seminal vesiculitis can be relieved by massage. Massage the prostate every night, can promote blood circulation, can promote the discharge of inflammatory substances in the body. The massage should be gentle and not too heavy. The massage can only relieve the symptoms of seminal vesiculitis.
02 2 got seminal vesiculitis, pay attention to hygiene before and after sex life, sexual life can not be too frequent, have regular, moderate, urination after each sexual life. Patients can not urinate in daily life, to develop
03 3 patients should pay attention to rest, not overworked, to develop a good routine, to ensure adequate sleep every day. The living environment should be quiet, air circulation, temperature and humidity are appropriate, which helps to create a pleasant mood, which is conducive to
04 The key to the treatment of seminal vesiculitis is to drink plenty of water. Drinking plenty of water helps to excrete inflammation in the body. Usually pay attention to personal hygiene. Change your underwear frequently. The underwear should be cleaned and sterilized with hot water. Office workers should not sit for a long time.