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Effective treatment of balanitis

01 1 [Symptom treatment] According to the different causes, the treatment methods will be different. The effect of symptomatic treatment can not be said to be 100% effective, but the treatment effect will be good to some extent. Patients should keep the skin of the glans clean and wear loose.
02 2 [Topical treatment] If the cleaning is not used with ordinary water washing, it can be used for some hot substances. If there is purulent exudate, you need to use diluted potassium permanganate solution or 1%.
03 3 [Etiology treatment] If the other half also has vaginal inflammation, it is necessary to receive antibacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment together to ensure the harmony of sexual life. At the same time, some suitable drugs can be used. Candida balanitis can be coated with bacteriocin
04 During treatment, you need to reduce your sexual life. This is also to reduce the pain of irritated wounds. At the same time, you should also reduce the spicy and irritating substances. However, during the treatment, you should pay attention to the cleaning of the glans. Do not wear tight underwear to avoid repeated glans.