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Herpes zoster treatment folk secret recipe

01 1 Take a few hundred grams of hot and damp artemisia annua, then put it in a pot and add water to cook for about a quarter of an hour, remove the liquid, place it until the water temperature gradually becomes mild, then scrub the affected area with the liquid.
02 2 Take appropriate amount of persimmon oil, heat and relieve itching, and place the two drugs in the mortar evenly. Then apply the liquid to the affected area with disinfected gauze. Three times a day, the pain will be relieved immediately.
03 3 Take the appropriate amount of rush, make it into moxibustion, ignite one side of the oil, and then use it to moxibusise the blisters in the affected area. It will start to have some pain. After a period of time, the pain disappears and the affected area begins to scab, which can stop the moxibustion.
04 Herpes zoster is caused by feeling hot poisonous fire, so pay attention to diet during treatment, do not eat spicy, and should not exercise, otherwise the affected area will be more painful after exercise, drink plenty of water.