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Why do people suffer from vitiligo?

01 1 China's environmental pollution is very serious. Some industrial agriculture pollution seriously threatens people's health. Industrial sewage is arbitrarily discharged into rivers without proper treatment. People's drinking water is polluted, exhaust gas is emitted, people inhale exhaust gas, and air.
02 2 human body secretion and immune system disorders. Due to people's daily habits and eating habits, this huge change, irregular life affects human endocrine, low immunity, the body produces anti-melanocytes, leading to skin lesions.
03 3 Due to the unreasonable dietary structure of people, the trace elements required by the body are seriously deficient. For example, zinc, selenium, and iodine are involved in the formation of melanocytes. If severely deficient, it will induce vitiligo.
04 The above is the experience that I share with you. I hope that through my introduction, I can help those in need.