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Teach you how to control men's ejaculation time

01 1 The first one is to pay attention to calm is the most important. If it is too excited or nervous, it will be premature ejaculation. You must learn not to be too impulsive at the beginning, even if the other party is your true love, we have to
02 2 Then there is something we must pay attention to in this depth. Our men should try to work with the rhythm of three shallow and one deep, and feel that they can effectively control their own proficiency, then try five shallow and one deep before finally
03 3 There is also the need to be patient, this is also the most important principle. Do not think that controlling ejaculation is very simple. Many people often spend several months in order to learn to control breathing and close the lock.
04 Finally, we have to say that when this sex life, men must be compassionate and gentle, do not inadvertently show their animal nature, which is conducive to men and women to reach the climax.