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Traditional Chinese medicine for treating sexual dysfunction

01 1 After the symptoms of sexual dysfunction, if it is treated with traditional Chinese medicine, you can use raspberry, hawthorn, sakura, antler cream, leeks, mulberry, and decoction every day.
02 2 The symptoms of sexual dysfunction are different because of the causes and specific symptoms. Therefore, it can also be treated with the prescriptions of Cnidium, Angelica, Atractylodes, Acrylic, Antler Cream, Curculigo, Chuanhua, and Cinnamon.
03 3 Another prescription made of medlar, cistanche, dodder, calcined oyster, and actinolite can also have a good effect on the treatment of sexual function disorders. When you choose, you can choose according to your actual situation.
04 When treating sexual dysfunction, in addition to using these drugs for treatment, it is necessary to actively treat psychologically in normal times to improve bad sexual attitudes. Family and spouses must actively help patients to have good therapeutic effects.