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Regular massage of the penis can be thicker penis

01 1 The most important thing to massage the penis is that the thumb and forefinger form a ring, which can exert a certain pressure on the penis. The action is like milking, the hand should move down the penis, and the blood can be felt every time you do it.
02 2 In order to allow the blood in the penis to circulate more, it is said that the heat can be applied before the massage, so the effect will be more obvious. The hot step should also be mastered. First, take a towel in the hot water, pay attention to the water.
03 3 Male friends can also massage their penis, and then wrap the penis with a towel. It must be covered. Remember to close the end of the cloth near the top to prevent cold air from flowing into the cloth.
04 Wanting thickening of the penis is a thought that many men will appear. They feel that they should be thicker. In fact, the length and thickness are afterward. The important thing is technology.