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Characteristics of psoriasis in children

01 1 In general, the history of upper respiratory tract infections is often related to the history of psoriasis in children. The child's body will have a red rash, slowly forming a small red spot of mung bean and soybean-like size, and gently scraping off the surface of silvery white.
02 2 There is also a kind of psoriasis, called “diaper psoriasis”, which is characterized by disease in the diaper area, erythema in the affected area, and silvery white cloud-like dandruff on the surface.
03 3 There are also serious cases in children with psoriasis, such as: pustular psoriasis, its symptoms are basically similar to adults, but because the child is young and weak, the symptoms are relatively heavy, often full body, ah,
04 Although psoriasis is only a skin disease, the disease is still very harmful to patients. Especially for children, the seriousness of the disease will affect the physical development of children. Therefore, we recommend that parents find out if they find children.