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What is the danger of old vitiligo?

01 1 In most cases, vitiligo does not harm the health of patients, but now there are clinical medical experts who believe that if the vitiligo is very serious, it may induce other diseases, such as anemia, or the immune system.
02 2 mainly because of the symptoms of vitiligo in patients, often accompanied by a decline in immune system function, so if the patient's vitiligo is very serious, it will be accompanied by a series of such diseases. But for some are not particularly serious
03 3 Whether it is elderly patients with vitiligo or young middle-aged patients, personal recommendation is that if you have vitiligo, you still have to go to the hospital to do a related examination, and actively cooperate with the treatment, because vitiligo is not particularly large.
04 Some patients with vitiligo were not treated in time in the early days. After several decades or even decades of development, not only the entire skin became white, but also the hair became white. When the patient's skin became white, the skin would