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How to reduce the pain caused by herpes zoster

01 1 Herpes zoster This disease is most common in hospitals with chronic herpes zoster. Of course, this has a certain relationship with many factors. Because this herpes zoster disease is not in the early stage of the disease.
02 2 This type of herpes zoster disease is generally based on the patient's physical condition and the severity of the condition to consider which type of drug to treat the herpes zoster disease. Therefore, the patient needs to go to the hospital for treatment.
03 3 In fact, many aspects of life care are likely to alleviate the symptoms of this patient's pain. For example, the patient can use cold compresses to relieve the painful physical manifestations of patients with herpes zoster. If there is no effect, consider
04 Patients with herpes zoster should pay attention to many aspects of the treatment process. For example, the patient should not be hot, so as not to damage the skin and aggravate the patient's condition.