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Nursing of herpes zoster pain

01 1 Daily care of herpes zoster should pay attention to let the patient rest more, try to avoid the friction of the herpes zoster, and the bedding for the patient's rest, such as bed sheets, should be soft and breathable. Because herpes zoster is easy to produce in the area of ​​the trigeminal nerve.
02 2 Eye care for patients with herpes zoster, the patient's eyes can be washed daily with normal saline, once or twice a day, in order to avoid eye infections, antibiotic eye drops, or antibiotic eye ointment can also be used for preventive
03 3 Purslane has excellent detoxification effect. For patients with herpes zoster, it can be treated with purslane and garlic and then applied to the affected area to treat the disease. It can be applied twice a day. Patients with herpes zoster can live.
04 If patients with herpes zoster are sick in the fall, they must pay attention to avoiding colds, avoid nasal infections, and try to prevent the skin from being scratched or scratched. It can improve body nutrition and eat eggs, lean meat and other proteins.