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What are the symptoms of AIDS late?

01 1 Patients with late AIDS life will have difficulty in stool and blood in the stool, and persistent coughing and breathing difficulties, patients will also have malignant tumors, patients will also appear some, skin ulceration. Patients will also behave
02 2 Patients in the later stages of AIDS should pay attention to the physical qualities of some individuals living in life. During these periods, patients should develop a good body. In normal life, they must adhere to some good exercises, which can be alleviated in the article.
03 3 Patients in the later stages of AIDS will continue to make the patient's lymph nodes enlarge during these periods. Patients must pay attention to these good beliefs in these days and not be able to make themselves very real in life.
04 AIDS patients in the late stage must protect some of their personal habits, in the article can not be arbitrarily transfused, must be under the guidance of a doctor, and can not share their own razors with others in life.