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How to prevent skin irritation in women

01 1 Women should wash their face properly, and wash thoroughly. Especially after makeup, choose a stimulating skin care product to wash your face and prevent allergies caused by excessive stimulation. Do not wash your face after makeup removal.
02 2 Female friends should not be obsessed with whitening and moisturizing products when choosing skin care products. Choose a benign product that suits them to avoid skin damage.
03 3 Women should choose the recipe that suits them. The nutrition is reasonable. Don't eat junk food. Don't eat spicy and spicy food for the sake of the moment. Eat some fresh fruits and vegetables.
04 Ultraviolet rays are particularly strong in summer, which is very harmful to the skin. Remember to take precautions when going out, with sun umbrellas, sunglasses and other items to minimize the damage of ultraviolet rays.