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Is female alopecia areata hair loss?

01 1 There is a certain difference between the treatment of alopecia areata and alopecia, and alopecia areata has a certain self-healing ability. Hair loss is generally irreversible. Patients with alopecia areata need to pay attention to qi and blood, pay attention to relieve stress, and it is also recommended that patients can pay attention to diet.
02 2 patients should still pay attention to drug treatment when there is alopecia areata, usually Chinese medicine conditioning, side effects are relatively small, I hope that patients can pay attention to persistence. At the same time, encourage patients to eat more black food, pay attention to kidney, pay attention to foot bath,
03 3 Studies have shown that the most important factor leading to alopecia areata is excessive mental stress. You should pay attention to adherence to regulation, relieve stress, talk to others, or increase exercise. If necessary, you can also turn to a psychiatrist. I wish you
04 Note that patients with alopecia areata should be actively treated, and can not delay the best treatment opportunity. It is also hoped that patients can pay attention to comprehensive treatment, hoping to persist and avoid recurrence of disease.