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Several treatments for impotence

01 1 diet method. Eat more kidney and kidney food is the experience of the majority of male youth in daily life, such as amaranth, lamb, shrimp can play a role in kidney and impotence. Some animals' internal organs can also play kidney.
02 2 Overcoming psychological barriers. In fact, a large number of males with impotence are caused by psychological reasons. For example, psychological stress, fear and other negative black factors may lead to impotence. Therefore, overcoming psychological barriers also has a certain effect.
03 3 Fitness method. After eating the kidney-supplemented food, exercise more and exercise more, maintain a good physical state, and strengthen the body and energy.
04 Pay attention to the sex of men and women. Don't be uncomfortable because of an unpleasant situation. Every time both men and women are inevitably nervous, so don't regret life for a small problem.