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Foreskin treatment method

01 1 In fact, no matter whether the foreskin is too long, there will be some abnormal symptoms, all of which need to be treated in time. Some people suffer from excessive prepuce and do not feel any symptoms, but its harm is still present in patients.
02 2 Therefore, in fact, if the foreskin is too long, there is no symptom and it needs to be treated in time. When the foreskin is too long, there are many ways. Some people will choose local application therapy, and some people will choose Chinese medicine treatment. In fact, the treatment of foreskin
03 3 Surgical treatment is the most effective treatment for prepuce, but if you do not need surgery, you can also do not need surgery. The main treatment is circumcision. After the operation, the patient can rest normally after a few days of rest.
04 Men's foreskin is prone to cause bacterial infection after it occurs. Therefore, the foreskin must be cleaned frequently. Do not masturbate. The habit of masturbation is one of the reasons why the foreskin is too long. If there is any, it should be changed in time.