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Can the balun baldness drink alcohol?

01 1 Foreskin balanitis patients can not drink alcohol in their normal life, patients, must pay attention to regular drinking, it will lead to their own repeated inflammation can not be treated, drinking alcohol in life can also reduce the patient's immunity, usually in life
02 2 Patients and friends should pay attention to their personal hygiene habits. After all, patients with foreskin balanitis in their lives may be transmitted to their family and friends. Therefore, patients must avoid living in this period.
03 3 patients and friends must pay attention to the period of foreskin balanitis, patients must be more patient, every day should clean their vulva to maintain their local cleanliness, patients must pay attention to give themselves some good emotions in life
04 Patients and friends in life, in many aspects still need more attention, such as diet, patients should pay attention to keep light, eat more foods rich in vitamins, eat less spicy and greasy things.