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What if the foreskin is too long?

01 1 When you are an adult male, if the penis completely wraps the glans and the glans are not exposed properly, it is a sign that the foreskin is too long. The foreskin is the most common congenital malformation of the male genital tube.
02 2 Usually men with too long prepuce are not only vulnerable to inflammation of the urethra, but even because the foreskin is too long, they often secrete a substance with odor, called smegma. Because it is not cleared in time,
03 3 It is recommended that male patients who have been over-contained for a long time can go to a formal medical institution to receive circumcision surgery in a male department. This surgery is a minor operation, and the patient can be discharged after surgery and will not be treated.
04 It is recommended that patients can appropriately increase some physical exercise in daily life to help improve their physical fitness. In addition, patients must avoid unauthorized withdrawal of drugs during treatment to avoid affecting the recovery of the disease.