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What are the early symptoms of impotence?

01 1 If men do not find the symptoms of impotence in time, they may lead to regrets for a lifetime, because some impotence is a symptom that cannot be reversed, sweating, night sweats, suffocation, no spirit, weak waist, a little hair, etc.
02 2 There are still many males who lose their sexual desires. This is not because their spouses are not beautiful, but they have sexual dysfunction. Such men are always very cold in their sexual life, and even have aversion to their spouses.
03 3 Many men think that impotence is a phenomenon of premature ejaculation. They will complete their sexual life very early and let their spouse feel no excitement. In fact, some forms of impotence are the phenomenon of retrograde ejaculation without ejaculation.
04 “What are the symptoms of early impotence?” The introduction of impotence can not be indulged, and timely treatment can alleviate.