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Chinese medicine secret recipe for treating psoriasis

01 1 Chinese medicine prescription one, Liangxue Huoxue Tang. Drug composition: oyster flower, Rhizoma Imperatae, habitat, spatholobus, comfrey root, valerian root, Danshen. The above traditional Chinese medicine Shuijianbi, this side has heat and detoxification, cooling blood and promoting blood circulation
02 2 prescription 2, phlegm and blood circulation soup. Drug composition: bandit, Yinchen, Shuanghua, Forsythia, wild chrysanthemum, Yuanshen, Gongying, Diding, Sanling, Qishu, Chishao. Above traditional Chinese medicine Shuijianbi
03 3 prescriptions three, Xuan Yu Tang. Drug composition: honeysuckle, anti-self, coix seed, talc, Lingxian, forsythia, silkworm, red bean skin. The above traditional Chinese medicine Shuijianbi. This side has heat and dampness, Tongluo pain relief
04 These are some of the therapeutic drugs for psoriasis vulgaris. They have a certain effect on the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris. Western medicine has a quick effect. Traditional Chinese medicine has less side effects and is safer. Both Chinese and Western medicine have their own advantages and disadvantages. Patients with psoriasis vulgaris should be based on their own condition.