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How do women have alopecia areata?

01 1 For women, dieting will make the hair lack sufficient nutrient supply. Once the hair lacks iron intake, it will become yellow and dull, and eventually cause a lot of hair loss. Therefore, we must balance nutrition, do not blindly diet and lose weight.
02 2 Due to the accelerated pace of modern social life and fierce competition, the pressure is getting bigger and bigger, and stress is closely related to hair loss, which will accelerate the aging of women and increase wrinkles.
03 3 Do you know that if the ponytail, shofar and braid are too tight, or if the hair is tightly wrapped, the long-term use will damage the hair roots and cause hair loss.
04 4 Because we secrete a lot of female hormones during pregnancy, our hair has sufficient growth hormone. After the birth, the hormone secretion suddenly decreases, and the hair will naturally fall off a lot, but this phenomenon will be about 6 months after birth.