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Frequent urination is seminal vesiculitis?

01 1 According to the current understanding of the symptoms of seminal vesiculitis, many men do have symptoms of urinary frequency when they have symptoms of seminal vesiculitis, but not all urinary frequency.
02 2 can only say that after the symptoms of urinary frequency in men, it may be caused by a patient with a condition of seminal vesiculitis, but it is caused by the condition of men's seminal vesiculitis, so it is recommended that the patient go to the hospital for examination.
03 3 Basically, many prostate-related diseases in men have the potential to cause symptoms of frequent urination in men, so when men have frequent urination, they may be involved in the condition of seminal vesiculitis or may be due to prostatitis.
04 For patients with seminal vesiculitis, it is recommended that patients must go to the hospital for a reasonable treatment as soon as possible after the diagnosis of the symptoms of seminal vesiculitis. If the patient does not cooperate with the doctor's treatment, it may actually cause the patient's condition to worsen.