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How to treat blistering athlete's foot

01 1 The blister-type athlete's foot has a strong recurrence. It is generally treatable with gram-killing cream. The first thing is to prepare the material, the cream of the clotrimazole series, which is enough for a few dollars.
02 2 Wash your feet carefully and dry them in time. Open the cream and use a cotton swab to take some ointment and apply it on the blisters. Do not wear shoes and socks immediately after application. Keep your feet in the air and wait for the drug to absorb.
03 3 The general situation is to apply before going to bed at night or before going out. Because it can be applied to the feet before going to bed at night to fully absorb the drugs. Applying shoes and walking before going out can make the blood circulation increase the absorption of drugs.
04 Note, use the basin, do not mix the towel with your family, so as not to infect each other.