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The difference between chickenpox and herpes zoster

01 1 First, we know that one difference is chickenpox. It is a skin disease that occurs in our childhood. The occurrence of chickenpox is because our childhood immune function is not perfect. But herpes zoster is after chickenpox.
02 2 The difference between them is chickenpox. It is not contagious in any situation, and there is no infection. But skin diseases such as herpes zoster can be transmitted if it is a liquid type.
03 3 There is also the occurrence of herpes zoster after the occurrence of chickenpox. But it does not cause other diseases after it occurs. And our body will also be immune to the herpes zoster virus. After the chickenpox occurs, our body
04 Although both chickenpox and herpes zoster are skin diseases caused by herpes zoster virus, it is important to note the difference between them. Also pay attention to the age group to determine which kind of skin disease.