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Can neurodermatitis eat chili?

01 1 Biha, you can definitely answer your question. When you have neurodermatitis, you can't eat chili. Because the stimulation of pepper is very big, eating pepper will cause the patient.
02 2 In addition to not eating pepper, after suffering from the symptoms of neurodermatitis, patients can not eat greasy food, generally too greasy barbecue and hot pot patients suffering from neurodermatitis can not
03 3 Spicy greasy food, patients with neurodermatitis can not eat, and remind patients to notice that in the case of symptoms of neurodermatitis, the patient’s behavior of smoking and drinking is also
04 Finally, the point of supplementary explanation is that in the case of symptoms of neurodermatitis, if the patient wants to recover well, then you should learn to release your own stress. Don’t give yourself too much pressure.