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What is genital herpes?

01 1 After the discovery of genital herpes, it must be treated promptly, because the infection rate of this disease is very high, and it is easy to relapse. Usually pay attention to the hygiene of the vulva, use clean water for cleaning or use some light salt water for cleaning and disinfection.
02 2 Pay attention to the diet, do not eat the food on the fire, because the body's moisture after the fire is also very large, it will also increase the burden of this disease. You can go to the Chinese medicine to open some Chinese medicine for treatment, or drink some
03 3 To increase the physical exercise, to improve the body's immunity, can also strengthen the body. Usually you can also eat some fresh vegetables and fruits, do not have too much psychological pressure, go to the regular hospital for timely treatment
04 Must choose regular hospitals for timely treatment, usually pay attention not to eat spicy food, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water, increase physical exercise, to improve the body's immunity.