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Why do you want to circumcision?

01 1Cause 1: Military training is prone to infection. As a real warrior, the physical strength must be strong. Therefore, normal training is indispensable in the military. Sometimes it is particularly difficult. For example, some mud pits, training in the field, there may be
02 2 Reason 2: The whole body is easy to produce inflammation. The clothes in the army are particularly strict. The weight is also very large. It is easy to sweat in the summer. If the sweat is not effectively cleaned, it will breed bacteria for a long time.
03 3 Reason 3: According to Article 12 of the surgical project issued by the General Staff of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, the General Political Department, and the General Logistics Department, it is clearly defined: genitourinary malformation or hypoplasia affecting function, cryptorchidism