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Ichthyosis treatment drug is good

01 1 ichthyosis is a very high pathogen of infectious diseases, so in life, pay attention to your own health, wash your hands and bath in time, and eat habits. The ichthyosis is a group called hereditary.
02 2 Children usually develop ichthyosis, their main manifestations are the extremities of the extremities or the dry skin, rough, and polygonal scales in some parts of the backbone. The appearance is like a fish scale.
03 3 Warm and humid seasons are alleviated. Ichthyosis is also easy to relapse. Generally, acquired ichthyosis is not so much. It is caused by genetic factors leading to abnormal proliferation and differentiation of epidermal cells, which leads to increased proliferation and cell shedding of cells in the body.
04 When suffering from ichthyosis, there will be generalized erythema scales. After the scales fall off, the whole body will appear red skin. As the age increases, the red skin gradually decreases, especially in the elbow fossa and armpits.