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How to distinguish between condyloma acuminata and pseudocondyloma

01 1 The diagnosis of pseudocondyloma acuminata is mostly a benign papilloma, which does not have sexual transmission and contagiousness. This disease often occurs in women aged 20 to 30, most of the genitals.
02 2 pseudo-condyloma acuminata, which often occurs in the vicinity of the genitals and perianal, is often located on the inside of the labia, and the larvae appearing in the vestibule of the vagina are often about 1 to 2 mm in diameter, and the color is also
03 3 7. For patients with pseudocondyloma acuminata, the first thing to be aware of is the danger of this disease. Although the disease is not communicative or contagious, it should be recognized, no matter what.
04 pseudo-condyloma acuminata is generally not needed for treatment, but we should also pay attention to genital hygiene, especially in sexual life, we should know some common-sense disease knowledge, especially when it is a sexually transmitted disease or a skin disease, it should be treated in time.