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The best treatment for body odor

01 1 First of all, traditional Chinese medicine treatment, since ancient Chinese medicine, the development of Chinese medicine is very fast, and it has a high curative effect on the treatment of certain diseases. Therefore, patients with body odor can be treated by external application of Chinese medicine or oral administration, but the method of Chinese medicine treatment
02 2 Secondly, Western medicine treatment methods, with the development of science and technology, medicine has also developed more and more rapidly, Western medicine has been chosen by people, patients can not treat the disease by taking the bitter and unpleasant Chinese medicine, the western medicine is simple to take.
03 3 The last surgical treatment method, surgical treatment is one of the most effective and most thorough treatment of body odor. It is to use the minimally invasive surgery to remove the root cause of the patient. After the patient is cured, it will not recur, but the window needs recovery.
04 Patients with body odor should pay attention to ensure their personal hygiene in life, change clothes frequently, take a bath, eat less irritating food, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, supplement the vitamins needed by the body, and ensure the body's endocrine is normal.