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How to treat chickenpox

01 1 First of all, there is no special treatment for chickenpox, only anti-viral treatment, to prevent a variety of diseases. In the early stage of chickenpox can drink mung bean soup, the fever should be light and easy to digest in the diet, drink plenty of warm water.
02 2Second, pay attention to rest. Also keep the skin clean and hygienic, do not bathe, when the skin is itchy, you can apply some antipruritic medicine. The nails should be cut short in time to avoid breaking the herpes and cause infection. If the herpes is broken,
03 3 Finally, remember not to use hormone therapy, otherwise it will aggravate the condition. Do not use vaccination for the time being, it is easy to cause allergies. In addition, the disease can be complicated by encephalitis, myocarditis, etc. Therefore, if you find complications, you should go to the hospital immediately.