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How to prevent skin itching in winter

01 1 In the winter, if you want to prevent itchy skin, then you can eat more foods rich in vitamin A, such as soybeans and peanuts, because when the body is deficient in vitamin A, the skin will become dry.
02 2 In winter, many people's skin is too sensitive, it is easy to appear itching, to prevent the symptoms of itchy skin, you should use pure cotton or silk underwear, underwear, because the body and clothes, clothes and clothes
03 3 Many women like to wear makeup in the winter, so there will be pre-itch itching. To prevent the symptoms of itchy skin, first of all, avoid using inferior skin care products because there are few sebum in winter and impure spices in inferior cosmetics.
04 If you have symptoms of itching, you can't eat spicy food or irritating food, such as beef.