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How did Yangshuo form?

01 1 There are three main reasons for male impotence, one is the psychological factor, mainly due to some of the negative emotions in the heart, such as nervousness and anxiety, which leads to the inability to concentrate on their own sexual life.
02 2 The second category is some organic factors, which is the disease factor we usually say, if men have some diseases. If men find that their penis can not be erect, it will cause nerves.
03 3 There is also a kind of disease that causes some other diseases that indirectly or directly cause male impotence. The main types of diseases include male prostatitis, diabetes, etc., and men who have high blood pressure.
04 Men do not feel discouraged with impotence. With the development of medical technology, male impotence is now treatable, so men don't have to worry too much. As long as they are treated correctly and actively examined and treated, impotence will be good, but usually normal.