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What is the way to prevent hand, foot and ankle?

01 1 Hand, foot and ankle disease is often not serious at the beginning of the disease. The main reason for the disease is that the patient is overly scratching the affected part because of itching. The result of scratching is that some fungi in the affected area are transmitted to the person.
02 2 patients usually pay attention to personal hygiene, do not wear other people's slippers in public places, especially some people in the north like to take a bath in the bathhouse, others' shoes are casually worn, which can easily lead to hand and foot disease
03 3 One of the most obvious characteristics of patients suffering from foot and foot rickets is that the feet are prone to sweating. This also creates conditions for some fungi to reproduce in the human foot. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to changing shoes and changing socks frequently.
04 Hand, foot and rickets are serious and not serious. It is not serious and serious. The most important thing to prevent this disease is to pay attention to personal hygiene. You need to keep your feet dry frequently. Don't share towel slippers with others. Change socks and shoes.