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Causes of genital herpes

01 1 The cause of genital herpes is caused by the infection of a herpes virus. There is also a herpes virus called DNA, which is relatively large in diameter and has a lipid-like envelope around it.
02 2 This herpes virus is very troublesome. As long as it is infected by the patient, it will start to replicate new viruses in the skin and dermis of the patient's friends. It will fully infect the nerves or autonomic nerves locally. The virus along the nerve axis
03 3 The general doctor found the virus in the nerve cells of the patient's skin and mucous membranes, which took about 2 days. The patient can see that the infection speed is quite fast. The virus is usually passed through the respiratory tract and the digestive tract.
04 After the treatment of genital herpes, the patient should continue to pay attention, because it may recur under some incentives, such as fever, cold, emotional, etc., patients should try to avoid these reasons.