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What are the symptoms of a child with genital warts?

01 1 I have a friend, her husband has genital warts. He doesn't know how to give her a child who is inexplicably infected with her family. It also has genital warts. Otherwise, the symptoms in children and the symptoms of adults.
02 2 Children with genital warts must be taken care of, and then find the cause to see what is the cause of condyloma acuminata, if the family also has genital warts must be treated together, genital warts can be treated with laser, cryotherapy, electrotherapy,
03 3 After curing, patients insist on taking honey or royal jelly to enhance their resistance and immunity. The recurrence of condyloma acuminata often occurs when the resistance is low. There is also a need to pay attention to, clean, can also be used
04 Condyloma acuminata should also be exposed to the sun under the sun to prevent disinfection, so that the disease is still recurring, genital warts must be strictly checked, so early detection and early treatment,