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Why does psoriasis recur after treatment?

01 1Psoriasis, although the patient adhered to the formal treatment, but his disease still relapsed, mainly because of his own disease, when the treatment, did not find the cause of psoriasis, or use some Western medicine, among
02 2 Therefore, the use of such drugs, although at the time of treatment, has a certain effect, but in the end, there has been a recurrence of the disease, and there is a psoriasis disease, after regular treatment, although
03 3 However, at this time, the disease in patients with psoriasis has not completely disappeared, and the damage to various organs in the patient has not been well restored. At this time, if the treatment is interrupted, it will still make the disease worse.
04 The disease of psoriasis is very easy to relapse, so patients should be patiently treated.