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Soil method for treating neurodermatitis

01 1 Neurodermatitis is a very common disease in life. Generally, the spring and summer seasons are high-risk periods. There are not many other episodes in other seasons. It is a kind of allergic skin disease, with usual dietary stimulation, mental factors and the body's immune system.
02 2 Neurodermatitis is easy to treat. It only needs to use some anti-inflammatory and anti-itch ointment. In addition, it is better to take anti-allergic drugs. There are also many methods for treating neurodermatitis. Simple and effective is to use fresh eggplant.
03 3 You can also use bitter gourd slices or bitter gourd juice. You can also apply loofah juice twice or three times a day. It can be completely recovered in one week. You should also pay attention to your protective work when you go out. Do not touch allergies.
04 In addition, usually pay attention to the light diet, drink plenty of water to eat more fruits and vegetables, can not eat spicy food that is easy to get angry, it is best to eat something with heat and detoxification function to clear the body of toxins.